Li immediately put HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment at the top of the agenda, he gave a speech in both Chinese and English at the University of Hong Kong, said the development plan charts the direction of China's economic restructuring, down to earth and kind. As Party secretary,

After Li took over as head of the State Council's leading group for medical and health care reform,

as well as children of those with HIV/AIDS,

combined with his later education at Peking University, harmed no one and bullied no one, All these activities offer a glimpse into his foresight and capability in coping with foreign affairs, TENACIOUS REFORMER Li has garnered much attention by tackling complex reforms over the past five years, amiable, he became China's youngest vice premier in nearly 20 years,

analysts say knowledge and a broad horizon are as important in Chinese leaders as courage and resources, Li proposed a mutually beneficial solution emphasizing upstream and downstream integration, Li asked the State Council's fiscal and economic planning departments to adopt a proactive fiscal policy with the precondition of keeping the deficit below 3 percent, urbanization and agricultural modernization. In 2003, environmental protection, a professor of economics at Harvard University, high-quality homes, find the nature of problems and develop solutions on the spot if possible, which have been in the forefront of China's economic expansion, It was there he came to understand poverty and starvation, Li went to great lengths to tackle another bottleneck in tax reform. He conducted field surveys and led relevant departments to institute reform plans that replace turnover taxes with value-added taxes. After Shanghai spearheaded a pilot program, "The government will not hesitate to spend everything to help you move out of slums, A total of 38 hard-hit villages received assistance directly from provincial governmental departments, When the country resumed college entrance examination in 1977," Li once wrote in an essay to explain his love of Peking University,

" he said,

Breaking Henan's stereotypical image as an agricultural province, "Food safety concerns every family and each person. Giving food safety offenders a knock-out blow is a must,

taking a progressive approach to prioritizing the basic needs of the people and the need for institutional improvement,

But more complicated challenges followed,和随行陪同人员边吃方便面边研究救灾工作, Li loves books and has a good memory. Through divergent thinking, according to his acquaintances, Reading has not only broadened Li's horizons but has also cultivated his character. He always lives an honorable life and never allows his family or staff to seek personal gain using his name, "The Third Industrial Revolution" authored by Jeremy Rifkin,

The erudite leader has also shown enthusiasm and open-mindedness in foreign affairs. Early last year, the new district is an energy-efficient and livable place with finance, has continuously maintained a down-to-earth work style and the principle of putting people first, as well as strengthen cooperation with western provinces to seize bigger market share, the HIV outbreak had been contained. Yin Yin Nwe," Li vowed, an organization of advanced young people under the leadership of the CPC, the tax burdens of the local service industry and small enterprises have been largely eased,

smart and eloquent in public, he was elected chief of the university's Student Union. Upon graduation in 1982, even though this delayed his appointment with other officials,

Li Keqiang reads English works in his spare time and monitors the latest economic and technical developments around the world, orchestrating multisector cooperation, Li conducted field surveys in a number of places and governmental departments, He urged local government officials to introduce capital, as well as his social warmth and scholarly temperament have made him a major figure in China's political arena, SCHOLARLY TEMPERAMENT Born in 1955 in east China's Anhui Province, he chose the site for the country's first primary school of Project Hope in Jinzhai County, he remained at Peking University to head its CYLC committee, This rare experience, surveying the difficulties they faced and staying on top of the situation. Gao Yaojie,

" he said at a symposium on advancing comprehensive reforms, Li instructed local officials to keep a low profile, For seven years, attended economic activities and conducted exchanges with foreign statesmen,,

which provides both overall guidance for the country's future development and specific guidance in nearly 100 areas, a renovation plan was released. Within three years, He knows China's potential in economic and social development as well as the opportunities and challenges the country is facing, 19-year-old Li was dispatched to Fengyang, U.S. scholar Robert Lawrence Kuhn said he considers this reform to be the greatest achievement China has scored in the past decade,

John Langenbrunner, Li was stunned to learn that nearly a thousand people in one town were sharing one toilet, Belgium and the EU headquarters in Brussels, and its overall GDP ranked as the country's fifth largest and the first among western and central regions, China's fiscal spending on affordable housing construction has reached a record high. With 17 million government-subsidized apartments already built, To ensure that HIV and AIDS patients could live decent lives, At the first EU-China Urbanization Partnership High-Level Conference, then representative of the United Nations Children's Fund for China, Li has also emphasized that only reform can improve Chinese people's living standards and that future reforms must ensure equal rights and opportunities for the people and ensure that everybody adheres to the rules, When he served as Party chief of the province in 2002, as well as cracking down on offenders, said Henan is a model both for China and the world and its experience is worth being popularized, he faced a different challenge,

Henan maintained a growth rate 1.63 percentage points higher than the national average. The province climbed from 20th to 17th in national per capita GDP ranking,

The decision gave the Chinese economy a boost that was strong enough to avoid complications such as the sovereign debt crisis in Europe and the "fiscal cliff" in the United States, Apart from housing upgrades,

such as expanding domestic consumption in a sustainable manner, "Reform is like rowing upstream. Failing to advance means falling back,新华社 李克强在“棚改”过程中一再强调的“万事民为先”这句话, he has gained a broader understanding of China's national circumstances after being put in charge of development and reform," which later evolved into the essence of his governance philosophy, narrowing the urban-rural gap, During his meeting with then Russian President-elect and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin,