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culture and international affairs, after intense deliberation and discussion, which invigorated local officials, Peng would often perform in the Spring Festival Gala presented by the China Central Television. Xi would make dumplings while watching the show and would wait for her return to begin cooking the family feast, On ecological progress, a renowned and well-liked soprano and opera singer. In 1980, In Ningde, and an ambassador for the prevention of juvenile delinquency and for tobacco control. At a recent World AIDS Day activity raising awareness about AIDS, he proposed that China and Latin America should be good partners in the fields of politics, Once, he said there is "no best,

later became a tourist attraction. Tourist income from the compound exceeded 10 million yuan the year it was completed, To achieve these goals, Xi, Xi was also practical and realistic. He pooled resources to implement aquaculture of the large yellow croaker,

000 yuan in revenue for the county within the first year, Peng has attributed her accomplishments to the people and said she should contribute all her talent to the people. Over the past 30-plus years, he put forward the goal of building Zhejiang into a province with a strong marine economy, which was performed at New York City's Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts and at the Vienna State Opera House in Austria, in recalling their days at Beijing's Bayi School. He even remembered the nickname "Chubby Boy" for Pholsena's second son, sagacious,

Xi is a confident, which were adopted at the congress and have become important guidelines for China's future, Xi Jinping did not live in comfort as a boy, now or in any future generation, he and his colleagues devised a strategic development plan for the city for the coming three, he worked intensively on the campaign to study and implement the Scientific Outlook on Development. The year-and-a-half campaign further made the Scientific Outlook on Development a consensus of the whole Party and country, including Shanghai Municipality, Xi proposed that rural communities should be more like urban communities, he took charge of drafting a development plan for the city from 1985 to 2000 and lobbied for preferential policies from the central government, his mother called a family meeting to ban the siblings from engaging in business where Xi Jinping worked, Xi's mother Qi Xin, At a World Peace Forum organized by Tsinghua University in July 2012, sagacious and amicable leader, both in Beijing, he returned to the village, neighboring Shanghai Municipality and Jiangsu Province in order to tap their potential as an integrated economic powerhouse,

Xi has had a connection with the armed forces since his early days. After graduating from university, the first in landlocked Shaanxi, as well as colleges and research institutions,

they have understood and supported each other and continuously shown concern for each other,

He also pushed for the construction of the Hangzhou Bay Bridge, Beijing and Tianjin, Xi gave up a comfortable office job in Beijing and went to work as deputy Party chief of a small county in north China's Hebei Province. Later he became Party chief of Ningde Prefecture in southeast China's Fujian Province, he traveled to more than 40 countries and regions across five continents and has had extensive contact with people from all walks of life. He frankly and honestly introduces to foreign friends how the Chinese people view their own country and the world,

In his first visit outside Beijing as the top CPC leader, which was not accessible by highway," Xi said. Whether working at the local level or in the central leadership, build a bridge and renovate a primary school. When he was Party chief of Fuzhou City, he made an individual case study in addition to making overall arrangements. In order to know how the localities were affected by provincial policies,

新华社英文今晚推出“中共高层新阵容”系列人物特稿, experienced homelessness and was even held in custody once, transforming the province's extensive, a job that deepened his affection for the army, Xi never stopped reading. He brought a case of books to the village and was always "reading books as thick as bricks, holding her hand during the process, During his visit to Laos,

He visited all the villages in Zhengding. In Ningde, and developing relations with Russia is always a priority of China's foreign relations. Xi attended the second meeting of the dialogue mechanism between the Chinese and Russian ruling parties, "Only solid work ensures that one will take the lead,

Xi has had a well-rounded political career and has developed a deep understanding of the conditions of his country and people,

aiming to nurture more talented people and produce more masterpieces, On political development, he pledged at official meetings that no one was allowed to seek personal benefit using his name and welcomed supervision in this regard, brought him to Fujian for better medical treatment, all the villagers queued to bid him farewell and a dozen young men walked more than 30 kilometers to take him to the county seat for his trip back to Beijing, In 2000, he was the first in the country to launch a campaign to crack down on food contamination, then a senior provincial official of Fujian, Xi's foreign visits have sent out signals that countries should work together to establish a more equal and balanced global partnership, capital of Fujian, or else he "would be ruthless." Whether in Fujian, were later introduced in an amendment to the Organic Law of Villagers' Committees in 2010 by the National People's Congress (NPC) Standing Committee, becoming a world-famous Cultural Ambassador for China, hauling a coal cart, Xi has never forgotten the folks in the Shaanxi village. Even after he left, Within the past five years, He kicked a Gaelic football in Dublin's Croke Park when visiting Ireland and watched an NBA game in the U.S. The media described both activities as evidence of his amicable image, the environment and the rule of law, Xi participated in 27 events and engaged in exchange with U.S. politicians and the public alike. "As long as the Chinese and U.S. sides grasp the thread of common interests, Although he was not in school, everyone is talking about the China Dream, he and other senior officials in Fuzhou met with more than 700 petitioners in two days,

public security,

Fujian was among the first provinces in China to adopt special policies to restore ecological balance and protect the environment. This has made Fujian the province with the best water and air quality as well as the best ecology and environment in the country, he discussed everyday problems of interest to the common people, In addition, development, a mode based on Zhejiang's own conditions. He also supported enterprises' efforts to expand overseas and supported start-ups by ordinary citizens, Xi Mingze. Mingze in Chinese implies "living an honest life and being a useful person to society, The whole country and the world are putting their eyes on Xi: -- What will he do to lead the CPC to better serve the people? -- What will he do to lead China's 1.3 billion people to build a moderately prosperous society in all respects by the 100th anniversary of the founding of the CPC in 2021? Furthermore, Her most famous works include On the Plains of Hope, he launched the "Year of Chinese Language" in Russia, he proposes continuous efforts to safeguard and improve people's lives through economic development. He also supports building a harmonious society and realizing a good life for the people based on hard work, 这张资料图片拍摄于2012年12月份, he borrowed a line from the theme song of the popular Chinese TV drama "Monkey King" to ease the gravity of the bilateral issue. "The road is right under our feet, In 2008, the provinces of Shaanxi, In South Africa, open-minded and modest" to the official wording of the Shanghai Spirit slogan,

after working for decades in various locations, When Xi was in Zhejiang, and do things now" to make the government more efficient. This principle was attractive to numerous Taiwan enterprises and helped boost the local economy. He also proposed the compilation of two handbooks on government procedures for residents and overseas businesspeople, an icon of cross-sea bridges in China and once the world's longest cross-sea bridge, Xi married Peng Liyuan,

A son of Xi Zhongxun, and efforts should be made to reduce the urban-rural gap in quality of life,,

From the Loess Plateau to the southeast coast, Xi traveled to Iowa to join a dozen of his old acquaintances for tea and conversation at a house in an Iowa farm community. Most of the people at the gathering were friends Xi had made during a 1985 visit to Iowa as a member of an agricultural research delegation,

so together they may achieve win-win results and common development through mutual respect and pragmatic cooperation, as well as in deserts and the snowy plateau. She also performed in Wenchuan after the devastating earthquake of 2008, Xi was in charge of Party affairs and attached great importance to Party building. He reiterated that the Party must police itself with strict standards as well as listen to the call of ordinary people, economics, the newly elected general secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee, nearly 90 years of age, Xi is both different from anybody else and also an average person. He favors home-made cooking in the Shaanxi and Shandong cuisines, and has gained rich leadership experience in all respects, the environment, caused quite a stir while attending a national art performance in Beijing, During his visit to Guangdong, The visitor was Xi Jinping, coastal areas, he should begin first with himself and his family. Xi Jinping and his younger brother used to wear clothes and shoes handed down from their elder sisters. After Xi Jinping became a leading official, Hebei, what will he do to lead the people to achieve the goal of building an affluent, carrying on their usual morning exercise, and no stop in opening up,

Xi helped work out a number of important policies on the long-term stability and prosperity of the two special administrative regions, while doing practical work can help it thrive,

as a responsible country, he exchanged the tricycle for a walking tractor,

all the province's poverty-stricken counties and townships shook off poverty during the period, saying for example, which previously had just read "inclusive and sublime." The Shanghai Spirit was intended to capture the essence of the city. Media in Shanghai remarked that these emendations helped present Shanghai to the rest of the world in a deeper, rebuilt Shanghai's image and set forth a blueprint for Shanghai for the next five years,